Release — Fuego Issue #2

Fuego is an art zine from Bar­celona spain edited by Coke Bartrina & Elena Gal­len, that starst with a great first issue. Next week Issue #2 comes out and i’m very very excited to thumb through it… To over­come the time between have a look at this nice teas­er.

On Fuego: »Fuego is a bian­nu­al fan­zine edited by Coke Bartrina and Elena Gal­len, an enthu­si­ast and a per­fec­tion­ist, with doses of both energy and tor­tu­os­ity. A fresh pro­ject with inter­na­tion­al cov­er­age and espe­cific­ally run artist­ic col­lab­or­a­tions. This first issue of FUEGO rep­res­ents our raid into the pub­lish­ing world and the birth of our liais­on. These pages are an ode to rare themes which once awakened our curi­os­ity and that after in-depth work­ing end up spark­ling trough these pages.«

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