Exhibition — The Questions Library


The Ques­tions Lib­rary is an exhib­i­tion by Claudia de la Torre. From March 13th to 23rd, 2014 her install­a­tion will be shown at Halle 14 in Leipzig…

For her install­a­tion The Ques­tions Lib­rary Claudia de la Torre (Born 1986 in Mex­ico City, lives and works in Karls­ruhe, Ger­many) is trans­form­ing the Halle 14 exhib­i­tion space into a ser­vice facil­ity: fully equipped with a table, chairs, a read­ing lamp and the book­shelves, that are inspired by the interi­or of a lib­rary. The books them­selves were mostly gathered in an open call and have one thing in com­mon: A look at their spine reveals that all titles con­sist of ques­tions. Claudia de la Torre is using the books as an artist­ic medi­um of expres­sion that com­bines a vari­ety of top­ics and will con­front the vis­it­ors with ques­tions. The lib­rary is con­stantly expand­ing dur­ing the exhib­i­tion, as vis­it­ors can donate their own books that carry a ques­tion in their title to the lib­rary.”
 — Halle 14

The exhib­i­tion was cur­ated by Regine Ehleit­er, and kindly sup­por­ted by Monique Erl­itz.


Halle 14
Leipzi­ger Baum­woll­spin­nerei
Spin­nere­is­traße 7
04179 Leipzig

March 13th to 23rd, 2014