Exhibition — Rosascape

From Feb­ru­ary 3rd until March 3rd, 2015 Ros­as­cape present­ing the artist books of Dora Gar­cia, Katinka Bock, Fabi­en Giraud, Ben­oît Maire and the col­lab­or­a­tion Joanna Hadjitho­mas con Khalil Jor­eige at Anatole France 13 in México. The show is cur­ated by Alex­an­dra Baude­lot…

»The Ros­as­cape exhib­i­tion show­cases a part of the col­lec­tion of books pub­lished and pro­duced by Ros­as­cape since its estab­lish­ment in 2009. The Ros­as­cape books concept sug­gests an under­stand­ing of the book as a space for the cre­ation and exhib­i­tion of a work in its own right — as a total (and infin­ite) redefin­i­tion of the very nature of the book. The book — the prin­ted object — is thus con­ceived as an exhib­i­tion appar­at­us in itself, through which the works presen­ted here cre­ate their own install­a­tion, con­sulta­tion, spa­tial and tem­por­al mod­al­it­ies. Each of the works opens up a vast realm of visu­al, plastic, the­or­et­ic­al, lit­er­ary and poet­ic exper­i­ence; with diverse mater­i­als like so many pos­sible points of entry for delving into the dif­fer­ent worlds of the vari­ous artists. The non-stand­ard formats and the altern­at­ive ways in which the works can be activ­ated and exhib­ited inscribe these prin­ted objects at the cross-roads of the vari­ous artist­ic forms ordin­ar­ily explored by the artists (per­form­ance, con­fer­ences, install­a­tions, visu­al and plastic arrange­ments, writ­ings, pub­lic­a­tions, etc.). As an invit­a­tion to reflect on the prin­ted object, the exhib­i­tion could have been giv­en the altern­at­ive title: Mani­fes­tos for a non-book — thus favour­ing — over the idea of the book— the idea of a space in flux, a labor­at­ory for forms and ideas.

Also, the pro­ject LIBELLE with: Rod­ney Gra­ham, Yona Fried­man, Dora Gar­cia, Katinka Bock, Ulla von Branden­burg, Ray­mond Ger­vais, Joanna Hadjitho­mas and Khalil Jor­eige, Cam­ille Hen­rot, Chris­ti­an Jendreiko, Renaud Auguste Dormeuil, Berger&Berger, Florence Laz­ar, Maria Loboda, Franck Leibovici, Ben­oît Maire, Nich­olas Man­gan, Raphaël Siboni and Fabi­en Giraud, Vit­torio San­toro, Simon Starling, Tatiana Trouvé, Marc Augé, Jean-Chris­tophe Bailly, Daria de Beauvais, Rebecca Gel­d­ard, Georges Didi-Huber­man, Elie Dur­ing, Dean Ink­ster, Chris­tophe Khim, Cath­er­ine Malabou, Raimun­das Mala­sauskas, Simone Mene­goi, Chant­al Pont­bri­and, Oliv­er Rohe.

From Feb­ru­ary 2009 until Novem­ber 2012 the Libelle pro­ject put 18 works into cir­cu­la­tion in pub­lic and private spaces. 18 new works offered to the pub­lic, gifts from artists who agreed to par­ti­cip­ate in an exhib­i­tion pro­ject without a set time or place, out­side of the tra­di­tion­al logic of the art mar­ket and insti­tu­tions. Now, Libelle brings togeth­er the entire col­lec­tion made up of 18 pieces of prin­ted art­work along with a num­ber of visu­al and sound art pieces ima­gined by the artists as a pos­sible activ­a­tion of these works.«

Anatole France 13,
Colo­nia Polanco,
México D.F.

Feb­ru­ary 3rd — March 3rd, 2015