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A Read­er” is a lec­ture series at FHNW HGK Basel Visu­al Com­mu­nic­a­tion Insti­tute, Basel from Octo­ber 13th 2010 to Janu­ary 12th 2011

»A Read­er« tries to shed some light on what lies beneath the fin­ished product, may it be a book, poster, film, or a piece of art. By high­light­ing the pas­sion and hob­bies of graph­ic and type design­er and people from fields not dir­ectly related to design, such as a col­lect­or of artists’ books, “A Read­er” wants to reveal the pro­cess which leads to design, or even what leads to the pro­cess itself.

A Read­er” does not want to talk about graph­ic design, but ‘some­thing’ a bit off, which still might be con­nec­ted to our prac­tice. This lec­ture series doesn’t intend to show off fin­ished works, instead tries to give more inform­a­tion on what could be the reas­on for these works. There­fore this lec­ture series is not a look­book, it is a read­er.

A Read­er” is organ­ized by Fabi­an Harb, Lorenz Peter and Dan Sol­bach, stu­dents of Visu­al Com­mu­nic­a­tion, Basel School of Design.

Fol­low­ing speak­ers will hold a lec­ture: Bart de Baets, Chris­tophe Boutin (one­star press), Michael Riedel/​Daniel Bau­mann, Radim Peško, Alex­is Zavia­loff (Motto), Mar­tin Jaeggi/​Christoph Schif­ferli, Marco Papiro, Sam de Groot and Markus Dreßen.

The series starts with the film »Become A Micro­scope — 90 State­ments on Sis­ter Cor­ita« by Aaron Rose on Octo­ber 13th 2010, 4.30 p.m. at the F‑Galerie.

You’ll find fur­ther Inform­a­tions here.


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