Exhibition — Propaganda of the Word: 12 Years of Fucking Good Art

Picture by Cassander Eeftinck Schattenkerk

You are invited to the exhibition »Propaganda of the Word: 12 Years of Fucking Good Art« at Kadist in San Francisco, CA. The opening is on Wednesday, February 8th, 2017. In occasion of the exhibition Fucking Good Art will also launch their latest issue »New Existentialism«…

Picture by Motto

»For the sixth year of its magazine residency, Kadist welcomes editors and artists Robert Hamelijnck and Nienke Terpsma of Fucking Good Art (FGA), Rotterdam! To launch their latest issue, New Existentialism, and in celebration of the past twelve years of their publishing activity, FGA has assembled a small exhibition showcasing thirty-five past issues that will be on view at Kadist through February 19. Next Wednesday, following a cocktail and game hour, they will present briefly about their history and research-in-progress experimenting with live narration over video clips. The conversation will focus in particular on ›FGA #35 New Existentialism‹, ›#31 It’s Playtime‹, and ›#29 Italian conversations: Art in the age of Berlusconi‹, unexpectedly and unfortunately newly relevant in the wake of current political events in the US.
FGA is a traveling magazine or editorial project for research in-and-through art, since 2003. Its interests include oral history, ethnography, documentary film, investigative art and journalism, counter and sub cultures, self-organization and DIT (do-it-together) strategies, art and anarchism, and models outside the art market and the mainstream. They follow a participatory strategy and are by nature highly sensitive to the context they are in. Please email if you are interested in making an appointment to meet FGA while they are in residence.«
— Kadist

February 8th to 19th, 2017
Opening February 8th at 6pm

3295 20th Street
San Francisco, CA 94110

FGA #18 — The Riga Issue, August 2007