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What makes us love a book? Talk­ing Books is an even­ing of inspir­ing stor­ies and opin­ions on what is import­ant in and around a book, hos­ted by the ISTD in con­junc­tion with the Hel­vetic Centre on the occa­sion of the Most Beau­ti­ful Swiss Books 2009 exhib­i­tion organ­ized by the Swiss Fed­er­al Office of Cul­ture. (All awar­ded books will be access­ible at the event.)…
Talk­ing Books will host a series of short present­a­tions by speak­ers from a vari­ety of back­grounds, each of them talk­ing about a book of their choice and their per­son­al and pro­fes­sion­al rela­tion to it. We expect stor­ies about form, format, lay­out, pro­duc­tion, his­tory, con­tent, struc­ture, edit­or­i­al qual­ity, imagery, and much more. Most books presen­ted dur­ing the even­ing will be avail­able for the audi­ence to see and handle.

Speak­ers include: Gary Bird (Man­aging Dir­ect­or of Gav­in Mar­tin), Justin Hob­son (paper con­sult­ant, Fen­ner Paper), Ken Hollings (writer, edit­or, lec­turer), Fraser Mug­geridge (design­er), Car­oline Roberts (co-own­er of Grafik Magazine), Lucienne Roberts (design­er, writer), Hana Tan­imura (design­er, stu­dent), Gil­mar Wendt (design­er, writer)

Talk­ing Books is an open and free event, but will oper­ate on a guest list basis. For fur­ther inform­a­tion or reser­va­tions please send an email to stammtisch[ät]istd.org.uk or down­load the invit­a­tion.

Talk­ing Books
Rus­si­an Club Gal­lery
340344 Kings­land Road
Lon­don E8 4DA

Octo­ber 13th 2010 at 7 pm

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