Event — The Holster & Bryan Graf at EFA

On Octo­ber 16th at the EFA Pro­ject Space, The Hol­ster will be print­ing, bind­ing, trim­ming and dis­trib­ut­ing a book of recent images col­lec­ted and made by Bry­an GrafThe book, con­ceived and designed in col­lab­or­a­tion with Gary Fogel­son and Phil Lub­liner, presents Graf’s pro­cess of find­ing and mak­ing images in real time by way of a mod­u­lar edi­tion that updates itself through­out the course of the day.

»The Hol­ster is a pub­lish­ing pro­ject organ­ized by Gary Fogel­son, Phil Lub­liner and Son­er Ön. They pro­duce short run artist pub­lic­a­tions that present a single, focused body of work or doc­u­ment a single event. The meth­ods they use to pro­duce their pub­lic­a­tions are as import­ant as the work con­tained inside them.«

EFA Pro­ject Space
323 West 39th Street (2nd Floor)
New York

Octo­ber 16th · 12 pm to 6 pm

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