Open Call “Even My Mum…”

Open Call by Gamze Ozer

the aim of the pro­ject is to bring togeth­er inde­pend­ent pub­lic­a­tions and to encour­age people to dis­trib­ute their ideas, thoughts via prin­ted or hand­made mater­i­als. it is about to share obses­sions, pas­sions and things in your mind on paper that can be shuffled and touched. it is an open call for every­one to enhance these form of expres­sion!

all these pub­lic­a­tions are going to be col­lec­ted in form of an archive that is con­tinu­ously exten­ded and meant to be trav­el­ing through dif­fer­ent ven­ues in tur­key and abroad.

first exhib­i­tion will take place in 15th septem­ber 2010 in man­zara per­spect­ives in istan­bul.

so every­body, we are wait­ing for you to make your own edi­tions, or send the ones you already did. you are com­pletely free about top­ics and format, you can even ask to your moth­er to col­lab­or­ate with you.

we want people to go home and lie on the floor and make zine!

send your edi­tions until 7th of septem­ber to:

man­zara per­spect­ives
tatar beyi sokak 27 kuled­ibi

More Inform­a­tions here!

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