Event — Codex

Codex — Two ways of look­ing at con­tem­por­ary forms of pub­lish­ing in art and design, by Hyper­texte and Manystuff.

Many artist­ic­ally inde­pend­ent and fin­an­cially autonom­ous edit­or­i­al struc­tures renew the forms, the formats and the modes of address­ing and dis­trib­ut­ing the prin­ted object. This “scene” devel­ops under the impetu­ous of pas­sion­ate artists, graph­ic design­ers, authors, pub­lish­ers and dis­trib­ut­ors work­ing togeth­er on unique pro­jects with the aim of giv­ing sub­stance to ideas and ges­tures on paper. In a con­text where the prin­ted paper form is in decline and the “all-digit­al” world is in effer­ves­cence, they invite us to seek out, look at, touch, explore and love these live objects which link spaces, lan­guages and exper­i­ences togeth­er. Codex is an exhib­i­tion pro­ject for these prin­ted forms; a nature park for these stor­ies right at the edge of the vol­cano.

A pro­pos­al by Béatrice Méline (Hyper­texte) and Char­lotte Cheetham (Manystuff) as part of “On n’enchaîne pas les vol­cans”, a Pavil­lon pro­jects and Point De Fuite pro­ject for the Prin­temps de Septembre in Toulouse. This exhib­i­tion of auda­cious edit­or­i­al pro­jects – from Toulouse, France and abroad – is backed up by a pro­gramme and meet­ings with edit­or­i­al act­ors from Toulouse address­ing the chal­lenges of these new pro­jects in the field of pub­lish­ing in art and design.

Upcom­ing: pic­tures, down­load­able cata­logue, video of the live show, details, details…

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