Open Call — Zines in Jutlandia

Abdul Dube calls for con­tri­bu­tions to the first zine exhib­i­tion in Århus with the work­ing title »Zines in Jut­land­ia«. Along­side the exhi­tion Abdul will host a Zine­Fact­ory (Cut, Copy, Col­late: zine con­struc­tion — A two day fan­zine work­shop) for every­one inter­ested in selfpub­lish­ing. The Zine­fact­ory takes place in con­junc­tion with the Nybyg­gen­er (Set­tlers) exper­i­ment and will be held at the Ride­hu­set in Århus.

The Exhib­i­tion runs for a week and the ZINE LIB col­lec­tion will be mov­ing into the main lib­rary til the next zine exhib­i­tion in 2011.
If you would like your zine to fea­ture in this first zine explo­sion in jut­land­ia send your zine con­tri­bu­tions to

c/​o Abdul Dube
Paludan Müllers vej 211
Aar­hus N 8200

All con­trib­ut­ors will recieve a copy of The Col­ab­or­at­ive Zine pro­duced at the Zine­fact­ory Work­shop. As a trade for ur zine.

to the exhib­tion is 24 Novem­ber 2010

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