Conversation — Given: 1. The Book, 2. A Stage

Giv­en: 1. The Book, 2. A Stage« is a Con­ver­sa­tion with Jan Wen­zel about Spect­or Books (in Ger­man only) tonight at Salon Pop­u­laire.

Jan Wen­zel, edit­or of Spect­or Books from Leipzig, speaks about his notion of book mak­ing: “When we want to make books, that come closer in a more lively, flu­ent, intense and inform­at­ive way to the recip­i­ent we have to strike out from the very begin­ning in a dif­fer­ent way: the book has to become a stage.« A lec­ture on impro­visa­tion, the act of con­tra­dic­tions, about the intens­ity of exchange and flu­ent devi­sion of labor.

Salon Pop­u­laire
Bülowstraße 90
Ber­lin (Schöne­berg)

Okto­ber 28th, 2010 at 8 pm

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