Release — Bruit De Fond/​Background Noise

JSBJ launches their new book Bruit De Fond/​Background Noise at Golden Age in Chica­go on Novem­ber 12th, 2010.

The bor­der between dif­fer­ent artist­ic media is meant to dis­ap­pear to reveal inter­stices loaded with cre­ativ­ity.
This pub­lic­a­tion is one of them.
A col­lec­tion of images and pho­to­graphs con­cep­tu­al­ized and elab­or­ated around what links son­ic ele­ments to visu­al ones.
This pub­lic­a­tion exhib­its and ques­tions dif­fer­ent levels of inter­pret­a­tion between these two media.

How can one pho­to­graph noise? Silence? · Can we hear with our eyes and see with our ears? · Is noise inev­it­ably asso­ci­ated to move­ment and silence to inactiv­ity? · Why is noise a prob­lem?

In this pub­lic­a­tion we aim to dis­tance ourselves from the basic rela­tion­ship exist­ing between music and pho­to­graphy, avoid­ing pic­tures of gigs, bands or instru­ments.
We wish to present pic­tures that come out of the dir­ect col­lab­or­a­tion between noise and pho­to­graphy, taken instinct­ively and ran­domly. Pic­tures of places, moments or people where the notion of noise is per­cept­ible instantly.
We also wish to present works from people that deal with this theme in a con­scious and con­cep­tu­al way.”


With pho­tos by: Asako Nara­hashi - Lydia Anne Mc Carthy — Jac­ob Wolf Miller - Thobi­as Fäldt — Jon Fein­stein — Jeff Otto O’Brien — Seth Fluker — Jeremy Lieb­man — Oto Gil­len — Daniel Ever­ett — Yann Gross — Hon­et and Wul­fran Patte — Jes­per Ulveli­us — Shane Lavalette — Chad Muthard — Peter Suth­er­land — Jen­nilee Marigo­men — Daniel Aug­schoell — Jo-ey Tang — Pedro Ramos —  Charles Negre — Sarah Pick­er­ing — Whit­ney Hubbs — Ola Rindal — Bill Sul­li­van — Pierre Le Hors — Kalle San­ner — Coley Brown — Nich­olas Gottlund — Ozant Kamaci — Mårten Lange — Gor­don Nich­olas — Stéphanie Gygax — Raia Al Souli­man — Aimee Brodeur — Grant Will­ing — Ann Woo — Erin Jane Nel­son — Leon Batch­el­or — Mir­anda Leh­man — Jeff Luker — Jes­sica Hans — Alex­an­der Bind­er — Sean Stew­art — Audrey Cor­regan — Jimmy Lim­it

And texts by: Joël Vacher­on

Golden Age
119 N Peor­ia Street #2D
Chica­go, IL 60607 USA

Novem­ber 12th, 2010 at 6 pm to 9 pm

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