Release — Queen Mary II

Prin­ted Mat­ter is pleased to announce the launch of Olaf Breuning’s Queen Mary II, a new volume of more than 70 recent pen­cil draw­ings from the artist. Please join us and the artist for a recep­tion on Fri­day, Novem­ber 19 at Prin­ted Mat­ter.

Queen Mary II fol­lows the pub­lic­a­tion of Queen Mary from 2006, fea­tur­ing play­ful sketches Bre­un­ing made dur­ing a trip from Eng­land to New York on the ocean liner by the same name. This new volume brings togeth­er a var­ied body of draw­ings that delve into the recog­niz­able world from the pre­vi­ous book.

Bre­un­ing, who works across an array of medi­ums includ­ing video, pho­to­graphy and install­a­tion, employs restrained lines for his draw­ings that explore themes recog­niz­able from his prac­tice. The day­dreamy ren­der­ings register a founder­ing human exist­ence drenched in media and con­tem­por­ary cul­ture, a world inhab­ited by incon­sol­able people who struggle to con­nect. They flee from affec­tion and they bore each oth­er to death. With deep intel­li­gence, whimsy and cut­ting wit, Breuning’s draw­ings show human­kind in a tough light — self-involved, sense­lessly destruct­ive, driv­en by sex and greed — images that often ring true.”
 — Prin­ted Mat­ter

Pub­lished by JRP|Ringier, Queen Mary II is 152 pages in black-and-white with a soft cov­er, and retails for $30.

Prin­ted Mat­ter
195 Tenth Aven­ue
New York City

Novem­ber 19, 2010
from 5 pm to 7 pm

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