Workshop — Form of the Book

Forde/​Motto hosts a pub­lic work­shop developed by Sara De Bondt and Cath­er­ine de Smet on the his­tor­ies and his­tori­ography of graph­ic design, involving a group of stu­dents from the Ecole can­tonale d’art de Lausanne and their tutor Roland Früh…

The first in a series, the work­shop is aimed at com­pil­ing mater­i­al for a read­er on graph­ic design his­tory, to be pub­lished by Occa­sion­al Papers, coin­cid­ing with the ‘Graph­ic Design: His­tory in the Mak­ing’ con­fer­ence at St. Bride Lib­rary (Lon­don), 6 May 2011.

After the work­shop: launch of the second edi­tion of The Form of the Book Book, edited by Sara De Bondt and Fraser Mug­geridge. Spe­cial drinks will be served.

11, rue de la Coulouvren­ière
CH-1204 Geneva

Wed­nes­dey Decem­ber 1st, 2010
Work­shop from 2 pm to 6 pm
Launch ›The Form of the Book Book‹ (2nd edi­tion) at 6 pm