Launch — Diaspar

Dia­s­par – A map­ping of ran­dom­ness” is the new pub­lic­a­tion of Rafe Cope­land that will be launched at split/​fountain in Auck­land (New Zea­l­and) on decem­ber 3rd, 2010.

This pub­lic­a­tionis forty-five reac­tions to ran­dom­ness gen­er­ated by inter­na­tion­ally recog­nised experts from dozens of dif­fer­ent fields. These art­icles over­lap each oth­er in com­plex ways, draw­ing lines of con­nec­tion that crosshatch into a map which must be nav­ig­ated as a labyrinth. It slowly explains itself as you travel through it, but there is no end (or begin­ning).”
 — Rafe Cope­land

With con­tri­bu­tions by: Mark Amsler, Anonym­ous, Bri­an Boyd, John Brooks, Arthur Buehler, Cris­ti­an Calude , Dav­id Car­radine, Pip Cheshire, Michael Din­neen, Anna Gard­ner, Peter Gilder­dale, Mat God­dard, Max Har­ris, King Tong Ho, Maarten Hoo­ger­land, Humphrey Ikin, Ruth Irwin, Joel Lau­t­er­bach, Bill Man­hire, Scott Par­kins, John Raine, Nat­alie Robertson, Kim Sin­clair, Mike Steel, Veron­ica Strang, Jonty Valentine, Luke Wood, Oliv­er Woods, Ian Yeo­man

452 Karanga­hape Road
Auck­land 1011
New Zea­l­and

Decem­ber 3rd, 2010