Launch — Fahrenheit 39

Far­en­heit 39 is an exhib­i­tion and cata­logue about the con­tem­por­ary inde­pend­ent pub­lish­ing phe­nomen­on in italy. It will be launched on Decem­ber 18th, 2010 at Gal­ler­ia d’arte Nin­apì in Ravenna (Italy).

Far­en­heit 39 invest­ig­ates pub­lish­ing as an express­ive medi­um, as fil­ing sys­tem, a dis­play sys­tem and as a plat­form for the prac­tice of crit­ic­al think­ing and writ­ing. The artists, authors, edit­ors, writers and inde­pend­ent pub­lish­ers who are involved in shap­ing these sys­tems approach the book not only as a form of exhib­i­tion but also as an art form.

Tra­di­tion­ally graph­ic design­ers have played a key roll in shap­ing and form­ing the provided con­tent of books, how­ever, with recent devel­op­ments and shifts in the roll of the design­er in the pro­cess they are now in the pos­i­tion of draft­ing and edit­ing con­tent.

Self-pub­lished books are often pro­duced in low edi­tions and can be dif­fi­cult to source. They allow us to con­sume con­tent in a way con­ven­tion­al / trade books often do not, hindered by requests of the author, pub­lish­er and mar­ket demands. Fahren­heit 39 is an attempt to cata­logue and invent­ory the cur­rent state of self-pub­lished books in Italy.

With con­tri­bu­tions by: erica preli · unità di crisi · blisterz­ine · archive books · auto­mat­ic books · tank­boys · elena xausa · ele­onora mar­ton · emilio mac­chia · ryts mon­et · SHS pub­lish­ing · nic­colò mazzoni · sab­rina cam­pagna · ric­cardo lor­usso · müge yil­maz · futur­o­sco­pio · doc­u­ment­ary plat­form · melissa des­tino · jonath­an pier­ini · michela povol­eri · AUT · annina gal­mozzi · osser­vatorio foto­grafico · stefano faoro · zizi col­lect­ive · nic­colò mazzoni · irene bac­chi · daniela ven­turini · silvio lor­usso · aed­iz­ioni · fil­ippo nos­tri · aurora bian­cardi · maria ros­ar­ia digregorio · veron­ica viotti · cesur­alab · claudia polizzi · luigi amato · umberto mis­chi · mauro bub­bico · joseph miceli · stu­dio temp · mousse pub­lish­ing · luisa lorenza cor­na · stefano terigi · tom­maso garner · leonardo son­noli · giuli­ana racco · luciano bobba · isti­tuto bauer · 3/3

Fahren­heit 39 was cur­ated and designed by Emilio Mac­chia for Strativari.

Gal­ler­ia d’arte Nin­apì
Via Gio­vanni Pascoli, 31
48121 Ravenna RA (Italy)

Decem­ber 18th, 2010 at 6.30 pm

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