Launch — Captured By The Norwegians

Antenne Books launches “Cap­tured By The Nor­we­gi­ans”, a book by pho­to­graph­er Robert A. Robin­son, at Hot­Shoe Gal­lery in Lon­don. You’re invited to join to cel­eb­rate the release on Decem­ber 9th, 2010.

The 1953 edi­tion ‘Cap­tured by the Nor­we­gi­ans’ by Robert A. Robin­son, has been re-pub­lished by nor­we­gi­an pub­lish­ers Aki Books & Flamme For­lag. As well as repro­du­cing the pre­vi­ous edi­tion, this new book also includes new texts by Dav­id Cam­pany, Frode Gryt­ten and a per­son­al inter­view with Robin­sons long time friend Dan Young.

Cap­tured by the Nor­we­gi­ans was con­ceived in 1953. The pub­lish­er decided that no restric­tion of any sort should be placed upon the author. He there­fore looked at Nor­way freely through impar­tial eyes, and the res­ult is a volume of pic­tures by one who came as a stranger and stayed as a friend.

Robinson’s pho­to­graphs are also remin­is­cent of those included in the ‘Fam­ily of Man’ and it is tempt­ing to see Cap­tured by the Nor­we­gi­ans’ as a loc­al expres­sion of the same sen­ti­ments but the com­par­is­on is com­plex. Steichen aimed to sub­sume nation­al iden­tity in a new glob­al­ized one­ness that skir­ted polit­ics and ideo­logy in favour of a uto­pi­an com­mon round of exper­i­ence. Many accused it of sen­ti­ment­al­ism, polit­ic­al naiv­ety and a deep Amer­ic­an­ism that was actu­ally far from inter­na­tion­al. By com­par­is­on Robinson’s book is a humble vis­ion that makes so few claims for itself. I find it an hon­est, unpre­ten­tious and endear­ing account of one person’s exper­i­ence and expres­sion. But maybe it has taken that half a cen­tury to re-real­ise this.’
 — Dav­id Cam­pany

Hot­Shoe Gal­lery
29 – 31 Saf­fron Hill, Far­ring­don
Lon­don EC1N 8SW

Decem­ber 9th, 2010 at 6.30 pm

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