Exhibition — BoaBooks

Forde invited the edit­or of Boa Books and artist Izet Sheshiv­ari for an exhib­i­tion of pro­jects done by Boa Books at Forde Motto. From Decem­ber 17th, 2010 to Janu­ary 8th, 2011 the exhib­i­tion shows indi­vidu­al pieces, artist books, and mul­tiples by Car­ola Bon­fill, Nic­olas Giraud, Anne Minazio, Yann L. Pop­per, Chris­tophe Rey and Izet Sheshiv­ari pub­lished on Boa Books.

Forde Motto
11, rue de la Coulouvren­ière
CH-1204 Geneva

Decem­ber 17th, 2010 to Janu­ary 8th, 2011
Open­ing Decem­ber 17th, 2010 at 6 pm

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