Launch — Seven Masks, A Dream_​Teeth & The Book of Paper

You’re invited to join the nice people of Prin­t­Room for an inform­al after­noon with book launches by Dav­id Maroto, who will present two new leporel­los (‘Sev­en Masks’ and ‘A Dream_​Teeth’), fol­lowed by the present­a­tion of The Book of Paper by Antje Peters and Oliv­er Hel­frich. Prin­t­Room will serve glüh­wein and cakes and the shop will be open until six.

Dav­id Maroto’s leporel­los are books that con­tain nar­rat­ive sequences of images that unfold over sev­er­al meters. They come accom­pan­ied by a sound track in an mp3 play­er with head­phones. Unlike video and film, where pic­tures “move” while the spectator’s body remains still, in Dav­id Maroto’s nar­rat­ive install­a­tions and leporel­los the pic­tures are prin­ted and still, while the spec­tat­or is com­pelled to move his body in the space in order to intro­duce time with­in the visu­al mater­i­al and, in so doing, activ­ate its nar­rat­ive ele­ments. Also, unlike video and film, the soundtrack is not syn­chron­ized before­hand; it is up to the spec­tat­or to relate sound and images. This nar­rat­ive sys­tem, accord­ing to the author, gives more room to spectator’s inter­pret­a­tion.

Graph­ic Design­er Oliv­er Hel­frich and Pho­to­graph­er Antje Peters have teamed up for an ambi­tious pro­ject: a series of pub­lic­a­tions called ‘The Books of’. ‘The Books of’ series explores the cre­at­ive poten­tial and intrins­ic qual­it­ies of seem­ingly ‘every­day’ mater­i­als such as paper, wood, glass or stone. The first in this new series of pub­lic­a­tions is ‘The Book of Paper’, pub­lished by Post Edi­tions.

From tis­sues and take away cof­fee cups to milk car­tons, paper plays an integ­ral role in our day-to-day lives and yet we often take it for gran­ted.

Through a series of sculp­tures ‘The Book of Paper’ elev­ates the aes­thet­ic value of this most ubi­quit­ous of mater­i­als. The pub­lic­a­tion also fea­tures a series of essays writ­ten by artists, archi­tects and sci­ent­ists, all of whom have unique approaches to paper – from adopt­ing ori­gami to fold space tele­scopes to cre­at­ing earth­quake-res­ist­ant card­board archi­tec­ture or using paper as a thera­peut­ic tool.”
 — Prin­t­Room

Schi­et­baan­straat 17
3014ZV Rot­ter­dam

Sat­urday Decem­ber 18th 2010 at 4 pm

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