Open Call — The Flip Collection

You’re invited to par­ti­cip­ate to PrintRoom’s present­a­tion “The Flip Col­lec­tion” as part of the XL pro­gram of the Inter­na­tion­al Film Fest­iv­al Rot­ter­dam (IFFR)
A flip­book (also called foli­o­scope or thumb cinema) is a book­let that, for a short moment, becomes a film.

Prin­t­Room is a plat­form ded­ic­ated to artists’ pub­lic­a­tions, the small press and self-pub­lish­ing pro­jects by artists and design­ers. Our new, per­man­ent loc­a­tion in the heart of Rot­ter­dam opened on the 19th of Novem­ber 2010, hous­ing a present­a­tion space, the Prin­t­Room col­lec­tion, a read­ing room and a shop. Prin­t­Room runs a reg­u­lar pro­gram of present­a­tions, talks, lec­tures, per­form­ances and book launches.
The trav­el­ling col­lec­tion com­prises of vari­ous mater­i­al: from lus­ciously designed, full col­our pub­lic­a­tions to simply pho­to­copied zines, but all is tied by the fact that pub­li­city is used as an art strategy, autonom­ously and artist­ic­ally. For this pro­ject Prin­t­Room is invit­ing artists, design­ers and pho­to­graph­ers to send in their flip­books.”
 — Prin­t­Room

You can con­firm your con­tri­bu­tion until Janu­ary 11, 2011 by e‑mail.
Your mail should include rel­ev­ant inform­a­tion, like your name and address (post, web and e‑mail), a short c.v., the title and a short descrip­tion of your con­tri­bu­tion.

Send your flip­book to
Prin­t­Room / Karin de Jong
Schi­et­baan­straat 17
3014ZV Rot­ter­dam
The Neth­er­lands

Inter­na­tion­al Film Fest­iv­al Rot­ter­dam
Janu­ary 27th to Feb­ru­ary 6th, 2011
Thursday to Sunday 1 to 5 pm or by appoint­ment

Please note that all received materials will become part of the PrintRoom collection as donations.

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