Exhibition — Électroshield, project/​réplique

Élec­troshield, project/​réplique” is an exhib­tion by BAT Edi­tions and Ben­oît-Mar­ie Moriceau at the Galer­ie Arko.

It’s the first exhib­i­tion of the “Double Mixte” (Mixed Doubles) pro­ject by Thi­erry Chan­cogne, Cath­er­ine Guir­al and Brice Domin­gues for the Galer­ie Arko in Nev­ers.

Gal­lery Arko
3 place Mossé
58000 Nev­ers, France

Janu­ary 22nd to March 18th, 2011.
Open­ing Sat­urday, Janu­ary 22nd at 6pm

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