Lecture — Marcus Dresen

Last year artzines wrote about the great “A Read­er” lec­ture series. Tomor­row Mar­cus Dreßen will hold the last lec­ture of this pro­ject…

Markus gradu­ated from the Leipzig Academy of Visu­al Arts in 1999. Between 1999 and 2002, he taught at the Leipzig Academy of Visu­al Arts as an assist­ant lec­turer. The col­lab­or­at­ive pro­ject “Spect­or” was foun­ded in 2000, and Markus is co-edit­or of its magazine out­let, “Spect­or cut+paste”.

What is “Spect­or”? It can be an office, a pub­lish­ing house, a magazine, a net­work or even a tem­por­ary ven­ue in Leipzig. Even so, work on pub­lic­a­tions on con­tem­por­ary ?ne art is still at the core of “Spect­or”.

Since 2004, he has been seni­or lec­turer for first- and second-year graph­ic design at the Leipzig Academy.

The Studio’s work includes book designs for con­tem­por­ary artists; recent examples include pro­jects for Jochen Gerz, Eber­hard Havekost, Ramon Haze, Jörg Her­old, Christine Hill, Susan Hiller, Jenny Holzer, Ilya Kabakov, Olaf Nic­olai, Neo Rauch and Mat­thi­as Weis­cher. Cli­ents include, among oth­ers, the Leipzig Museum of Con­tem­por­ary Art, Leipzig Opera, Essen Museum Folk­wang, Dresden Museum of Tech­no­logy, the Arts Coun­cil of the Free State of Sax­ony and “Kiel­er Woche”, the world’s biggest sail­ing event.

Here you’ll find more about “A Read­er”.

A Read­er at FHNW HGK Basel
Visu­al Com­mu­nic­a­tion Insti­tute
Vogels­ang­strasse 15
Hör­saal 21 (Oran­ger­ie)
4058 Basel

Janu­ary 12th, 2011 at 4.30 pm

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