Vernissage & Book launch — The Institute of Social Hypocrisy in Berlin

On Fri­day, Janu­ary 14th, 2010 The Insti­tute of Social Hypo­crisy invited you to their ver­n­is­sage and book launch at Som­mer & Kohl in Ber­lin.The Insti­tute launches the fant­ast­ic 354 page book of essays and oth­er thoughts “The Sound of Down­load­ing Makes Me Want to Upload” with con­tri­bu­tions by: Ker­en Cyt­ter, Dav­id Lewis, Hans Ulrich Obrist, Matias Fald­bakken, Theodor Barth, Richard Parry, Mer­lin Car­penter, Kris­ti­an Skyl­stad, Karl Holm­qv­ist, Gil­bert & George, Oliv­er Lar­ic, Edie McKay and many more!

The para­dox of the insti­tu­tion­al cri­tique: Towards the end of the dis­cus­sion Peter Bür­ger sud­denly turned to his wife who was sit­ting in the front row to get the name of an artist they had recently seen in sev­er­al of the lead­ing art insti­tu­tions around the world, most recently at the Mar­tin-Gropi­us-Bau in Ber­lin. The artist’s name was Olafur Eli­asson! Peter Bür­ger said, »this spec­tacle« is the real prob­lem of our time and the aim of every avant-garde artist today must be to insist that we can not accept that this kind of work is pro­moted by such ser­i­ous insti­tu­tions.
Well enough about that, did you know that Svi­atoslav Richter (Yamaha) thought that his piano teach­er played like a pig?
And that Vladi­mir Horow­itz (Stein­way) once joked ‘There are three kinds of pian­ists: Jew­ish pian­ists, homo­sexu­al pian­ists, and bad pian­ists.’”

 — Vic­tor Boul­let “This Spec­tacle”

Som­mer & Kohl
Kur­für­sten­strasse 13
10785 Ber­lin

Janu­ary 15th to Feb­ru­ary 19th, 2011
Wed­nes­day to Sat­urday from 11 am to 6 pm

Ver­n­is­sage & book launch on Fri­day, Janu­ary 14th from 4 to 9 pm

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