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Review — ZUG #1 & #2

Reviews are important. As an informed opinion they offer guidance and arouse interest. In the era of the internet you often judge an artzine or artist book just by the pictures of a few spreads. It is hard to know what a publication contains and in most cases you buy it without detailed information, or you do not buy it at all. In the bigger cities, distros have tackled the problem and it is here, where you can browse (manually) through the different publications before you make your buying decision. Unfortunately, not every city has a distro and for this reason, artzines.de has not only improved its selection of artzines introduced online, but did so on the grounds of reviews by Regine Ehleiter. Under Regine’s guidance, artzines.de will update its selection regularly, including newcomers as well as  classics of the artzine scene.

Regine studied Cultural Studies, Journalism and History of Art at University of Leipzig, Germany. She has proven herself as a knowledgeable and passionate expert on artzines, when giving a lecture on the topic at the »I’ve Zine The Darkness« exhibition in Halle. Furthermore, Regine curated the »Thanks for Sharing« exhibition at D21 Kunstraum in Leipzig of which she is a founding member. She currently works as a curatorial assistant at the Staatliche Kunsthalle Baden-Baden.

Please warmly welcome Regine to artzines.de. I am very happy to work with her… — Moritz

Interview — Regine Ehleiter ‘Thanks For Sharing’

‘Thanks For Sharing’ Exhibition View

‘Thanks For Sharing’ — Exhibition View

“What is an art zine? How does it differ from an editorial art magazine or a blog? And why do more and more artists internationally seem to be interested in this particular publishing format?”

In 2010 Regine Ehleiter curated the wonderfull ‘Thanks For Sharing’ (TFS) exhibtion and symposium at the D21 Kunstraum. Therefore she invited zinsters, artists, collectors, distributors and curators to submit their publications and to discuss the “rising interest in zines, their popularity among contemporary artists, the revival of DIY-culture with its appealingly easy implementation of ideas and potential for stylistic experimentation”. More than 300 zines from all over the world were shown in a specially designed exhibition architecture, developed by students of the Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig (Class for System Design).
In January 2011 the catalogue published in occasion of the exhibition was launched at the mzin store in Leipzig and i thought it’s high time to interview Regine Ehleiter…

Launch — Thanks for Sharing Reader

The D21 gallery and the System Design class at HGB Leipzig invites you to the launch of the ‘Thanks for Sharing’ reader on Friday, January 21st at the Mzin store. After the presentation (that will take about an hour) they’ll skype in Benjamin Sommerhalder from Zurich for a Q&A session on zines and self-publishing.