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General Public Library


The Gen­er­al Pub­lic Lib­rary is a library/​reading room pro­ject organ­ized by Art in Gen­er­al Design­er in Res­id­ence Mylinh Nguy­en, in con­junc­tion with the upcom­ing launch of six 2009 – 2010 New Com­mis­sions pub­lic­a­tions designed by Nguy­en dur­ing her res­id­ency.

Even My Mum…

Exhibition Poster

On Septem­ber 15th the exhib­i­tion “Even My Mum Can Make A Book” at Man­zara Per­spect­ives in Istan­bul (Tur­key) opens its doors.

Unter dem Motto — More Impressions

more pic­tures of “Miss Read” at the KW and “Unter dem Motto 2010 at Motto Dis­tri­bu­tion

First impressions — Unter dem Motto 2010

Unter dem Motto 2010

Some very first impres­sion of the “Unter Dem Motto 2010 art book fair in Ber­lin.