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Event — Libros Mutantes 2013


From April 23th to 28th, 2013 Lib­ros Mutantes will hold its fourth edi­tion as the most rel­ev­ante self-pub­lish­ing event of the Spain art scene at La Casa Encendida in Mad­rid…

Event — The Sandy Relief Benefit Auction


Prin­ted Mat­ter invites you to a bene­fit auc­tion. The Sandy Relief Bene­fit Auc­tion has three basic com­pon­ents: a selling exhib­i­tion of rare pub­lic­a­tions and oth­er donated works; an online, silent auc­tion of art­works on dis­play at the Rauschen­berg Pro­ject Space and a live auc­tion of selec­ted works that will close the Bene­fit on March 9th, 2013

Exhibition — Transitions @ V.S.T.R. Gallery


On March 8th, 2013 opens Trans­itions, an exhib­i­tion on Mail Art, at V.S.T.R. Gal­lery in Byron Bay, Aus­tralia. Trans­itions is a trav­el­ing exhib­i­tion of art­work that not only arrived through the postal ser­vice but is post…

Exhibition — War News @ Good Press


You are invited to the exhib­i­tion War News by Cali and Jenna Thornhill DeWitt (the guys behind Witch­hat) open­ing on March 13th, 2013 at Good Press Gal­lery in Glas­gow…

Exhibition —  Ed Ruscha Books & Co.


Gago­sian Gal­lery is present­ing Ed Rusha Books & Co, an exhib­i­tion fea­tur­ing artist books by Ed Ruscha open­ing on March 5th, 2013 at their space in New York…

Exhibition — Artists Print


You’re invited to the exhib­i­tion Artists Print open­ing on March 22nd, 2013 at JAP & Kom­plot in Brus­sels…

Exhibition — Wait, Later This Will Be Nothing | Editions by Dieter Roth

Dieter Roth. children's book (kinderbuch). 1957. Artist's book, letterpress printed Publisher: forlag ed, Reykjavík. Edition: approx. 100. Photograph: Peter Butler.

Dieter Roth. children’s book (kinder­buch). 1957. Artist’s book, let­ter­press prin­ted Pub­lish­er: for­lag ed, Reyk­javík. Edi­tion: approx. 100. Pho­to­graph: Peter But­ler.

On Feb­ru­ary 17th, 2013 the MoMA opens the exhib­i­tion Wait, Later This Will Be Noth­ing show­ing Edi­tions by Dieter Roth at the Michael H. Dunn Gal­lery on the second floor…

Exhibition — Negative Pages: Photographic Artists’ Books

You are invited to the exhib­i­tion Neg­at­ive Pages: Pho­to­graph­ic Artists’ Books open­ing on Feb­ru­ary 15th, 2013 at Pro­ject Space in Van­couver, Canada…

Exhibition — Zines #1 1971 – 1975

Zines #1 1971 – 1975, an ehib­i­tion on artists pub­lic­a­tions, opens on Janu­ary 31st, 2013 at the Zen­t­ral­in­sti­tuts für Kun­st­geschichte in Munich. What you can see are artzines and artists books from early 70ies from the col­lec­tion of Hubert Kretschmer’s Archive Artist Pub­lic­a­tions

Open Call — 6×4″ exhibition

You are invited to par­ti­cip­ate in 6×4, an exhib­i­tion explor­ing post­card as an artist­ic medi­um, by sub­mit­ting your artists’ post­cards…