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Exhibition — BoaBooks

Forde invited the editor of Boa Books and artist Izet Sheshivari for an exhibition of projects done by Boa Books at Forde Motto.

Workshop — Form of the Book

Forde/Motto hosts a public workshop developed by Sara De Bondt and Catherine de Smet on the histories and historiography of graphic design, involving a group of students from the Ecole cantonale d’art de Lausanne and their tutor Roland Früh…

Event — The Last Dot Dot Dot

„After ten years and twenty issues, Dot Dot Dot has managed to both shift the center of gravity and mark out new territory in the expanded category of critical writing about and around graphic design, and with issue 20 the journal comes to a close. R.I.P.“ (Marc Owens)

The journal with the never-ending title (and always-changing subtitle) announces its end (with a full stop). Stuart Bailey and David Reinfurt from Dexter Sinister invite you to mourn the twentieth and final Dot Dot Dot Magazine at Forde. Drinks will be served and a film projected.