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Event — Raiders of the Lost Archives


The Independent Publishing Resource Center invites you for the 3rd Raiders of the Lost Archives on February 21st, 2015 at their space in Portland, OR…

Event — A Generative Library


Büro BDP installed a A Generative Library in their new rooms at Mareschstraße in Berlin. Until February 28th, 2015 you have the chance to drop by and browse trough the publications…

Exhibition — The Questions Library


The Questions Library is an exhibition by Claudia de la Torre. From March 13th to 23rd, 2014 her installation will be shown at Halle 14 in Leipzig…

Store — Batteri


Batteri is a space for exhibitions, talks, book launches and workshops. And it is a distro for (art)zines and a library at the same time. Batteri is based in Aarhus, Denmark and was founded by Sideprojects in May 2013…

Event — Booklet Library @ Utility


The Booklet Library invites you to the first pop-up library in 2013 at Utility Canvas in Tokyo, opening on May 18th, 2013…

Ressource — 1st Paperweight Conversation

A week ago Paperweight’s first event – a conversation on independent publishing as an artistic practice – took place at MoMa Library in New York. With this event Paperweight launched it’s website which will become an excellent ressource for people interested in independent publishing.


Paperweight is a primarily online-based organization dedicated to furthering a dialogue on independent publishing.

“The independent publishing community requires a space that can facilitate a cultural dialogue, both in historical and contemporary contexts, as well as provide resources that others have found helpful in their own production. Paperweight aims to harbor these dialogues while offering an alternative method for the dissemination of information surrounding independent publishing culture. In addition to its space online, Paperweight periodically publishes an expanded physical article from the website and organizes public discussions.”

Library — Perimeter Books Micro-Library

The Perimeter Books Micro-Library is the new collaborative project by Perimeter Books with the Little King Café in Melbourne, Australia…

Open Call — People of Print

Founded in 2008 People of Print was originally created as a library of printmakers and designers with a sole purpose to inspire. Now they call for your print related work…

Library — PUBLICITY by Booklet Library

Booklet Library invites you to PUBLICITY on February 18th 2012 as we launch at the new location, Shibaura House…