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Launch — ΘΕΣΣΑΛΟΝΙΚΙ · Die Stadt und ihre Kinder

Tbooks invites you to ΘΕΣΣΑΛΟΝΙΚΙ · Die Stadt und ihre Kinder an exhib­i­tion and zine launch at hoi OFFRAUM on July 15th 2011 in Cologne…

Launch — “Black Light” at X Marks the Bökship

You’re invited to the Book Launch and Exhib­i­tion “Black Light“ by Roisin Dunne on Thursday, April 14th at X Marks the Bök­ship

Exhibition & Launch — ›Mothball‹ by Ed Templeton

Moth­ball‹ is the new art zine by the Los Angeles based artist Ed Tem­pleton, pub­lished by Innen on the occa­sion of Templeton’s exhib­i­tion ›the cemetery of reas­on‹ at ernst museum bud­apest. The zine will be launched at the open­ing of the exhib­i­tion on Janu­ary 21st, 2011

Event — 12 #4 Launch


A nice event for all of you how will be in Par­is in Octo­ber:

12 launches the fourth issue on tues­day, Octo­ber 19th 2010 at the OFR Gal­lery in Par­is. There you’ll find the pesent­a­tion of the new issue and an exhib­i­tion of 12 art­works…