I’ve Zine the Darkness


Thanks — Schroeter und Berger

Schroeter und Berger from Berlin submitted three of their zines published together with Léo Favier.

Mai, 28

Thanks — Booklet

Booklet is a small-scale independent press and library in Tokyo, Japan run by Yoko T. She submitted four artzines published by Booklet Press.

Mai, 28

Thanks — Rosansi Becenic

Milan-based Rosansi Becenic (alter ego of Sissi Roselli, Simone Santilli and Niccolò Benetton) submitted his artzines “Globeings 1”.

Mai, 28

Thanks — Michael Barthel

Michael Barthel from Leipzig (Germany), operator of the artist-run space Projektwerkstatt,  submitted four of his artzines.

Mai, 28

Thanks — Slanted

Slanted submitted three publications.

Mai, 28

Thanks — The Fun Archive

The Fun Archive is a publishing project by Paris-based multimedia artist Thomas Mailaender who submitted his artzine “Handicraft”.

Mai, 24

Thanks — Junk Jet

Junk Jet is a fanzine for electronics and aesthetics from Stuttgart (Germany) and participates with “Junk Jet #4”.

Mai, 24


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