I’ve Zine the Darkness


Thanks — Ein Magazin über Orte

Ein Magazin über Orte from Berlin participates in the exhibition with two issues.

Mai, 24

Thanks — Yuvali Theis

Yuvali Theis a photographer from The Hague (Netherlands) submitted her artzine “Play”.

Mai, 24

Thanks — KFG Zines

Kung Fu Grip Zine (KFGzine) from Tucson, Arizona (USA) submitted two artzines.

Mai, 24

Thanks — Making Do

Making Do is a collective of artists and designers and an independent publication, based in London. They participate in the exhibition with two issues.

Mai, 24

Thanks — Alessandra Spranzi

Alessandra Spranzi an artist from Milan (Italy) submitted two of her artzines.

Mai, 24

Thanks — Bodega Press

“Colleague, Contact, Buddy, Acquaintance” is an artzine by Eric Veit published and submitted by Bodega Press from Philadelphia (USA).

Mai, 24

Thanks — Gallimaufry Edition

Gallimaufry Edition from New York (USA) submitted their first issue.

Mai, 24


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