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Thanks — Jess Wilson

Jess Wilson (London, UK) one half of Duke Press submitted her artzine Bossy Signs from New York.

Jun, 24

Thanks — Playground Magazine

Conceived during the summer of 2009, Playground Magazine began as a platform for students at the University of Brighton (UK) to present their work in print, and has since developed into a thematic publication with […]

Jun, 24

Thanks — Unit Editions

Unit Editions is a progressive publishing venture from London (UK) producing high-quality, affordable books on graphic design and visual culture. They submitted their publications U:D/R01, U:D/R02 and U:D/R03.

Jun, 24

Thanks — Folio

The people of Folio Magazine from Cardiff (UK) submitted their issue zero.

Jun, 21

Thanks — Café Royal Books

A box with several artzines published by Café Royal Books, a publishing house founded in 2005 by Craig Atkinson, arrived.

Mai, 28

Thanks — The Velvet Cell

A few days ago The Velvet Cell submitted three artzines. Yesterday another zine made by Luke Swenson and published by The Velvet Cell arrived.

Mai, 28

Thanks — Etc. Falmouth

“Etc. Falmouth” is a zine created, published and designed by students at the University College Falmouth (UK). They submitted their last issue.

Mai, 28


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